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How GM Helps First-Time Buyer

Buying your first house is very exciting, but it isn’t easy. Arranging a mortgage is difficult enough, but this is just one task first-time homebuyers need to deal with. At Geoffrey Matthew, we are committed to assisting first-time buyers in Essex and Hertfordshire.

We have helped many first-time buyers, be they individuals, couples, families or households purchase property in Harlow or Stevenage. We move buyers from start to end, ensuring you get help in arranging a mortgage, in dealing with legal matters, and picking up the keys for your first house.

If you need help from a trusted estate agent, here is how GM helps first-time buyers move into their first-ever home.

How GM Helps First-Time Buyer Prestige & Village

Who are first-time buyers?

As of 2022, the average age of a first-time buyer in the UK was 30 years old. A decade earlier, the average of someone buying their first home was 29.

First-time property buyers are getting older, which isn’t a surprise with the cost of buying a house. Most people need to save for longer to afford a mortgage, to develop a good credit rating, and to feel confident about stepping on to the property ladder.

There are more first-time buyers than there has been in some time

According to research carried out by the Yorkshire Building Society, there were more first-time buyers in the UK in 2021 than there has been since 2002. A total of 408,300 first-time buyer transactions took place in 2021. ( source )

There are many first-time buyers looking for a home, and it is a competitive marketplace. You need help from a trusted estate agent. Geoffrey Matthew is pleased to say we have a strong track record in assisting people buy their first house in Essex and Hertfordshire.

We have been estate agents for first-time property purchases in Harlow and Stevenage. Our work in assisting first-time buyers directly, and in recommending mortgage brokers and advisors, has been key to helping locals buy their first house.

If you are looking to buy your first home, contact Geoffrey Matthew today.

Many first-time buyers are sick of paying rent each month

As skilled estate agents in Essex and Hertfordshire, we know the local lettings market well. We work with landlords and tenants, and we know many tenants are frustrated with paying rent with nothing to show at the end of it.

Owning a home is an asset that offers immediate and long-term benefits. Stepping on the property ladder is an achievement, and it is a platform for growth and future development and success. We know why people want to own their first home, and we know the challenges that hamper prospective property owners.

We can move you from renting to home ownership, just as we have done for many current homeowners in Harlow and Stevenage.

If you have had enough of renting, and want to arrange a mortgage, arrange an appointment with Geoffrey Matthew. There are many homes across Essex and Hertfordshire that are ideal for first-time buyers. We will help you find these starter homes, and we will make sure you arrange a mortgage that is affordable.

We help first-time buyers manage the full cost of buying a home

Buying a home is expensive, but some first-time buyers are unaware of the full cost of buying a home. If you have only budgeted for your deposit and monthly mortgage fees, you might face a nasty surprise. Additional costs of buying your first home can include:

  • Solicitor fees
  • Mortgage fees
  • Conveyancing fees
  • Moving fees
  • Estate agent fees

At Geoffrey Matthew, we understand the financial challenges faced by first-time buyers. We provide accurate information regarding the costs of buying property, and we help you plan accordingly.

Geoffrey Matthew will connect you with value-for-money professionals in Stevenage and Harlow, helping you to justify your outlays. We can help you make smart choices when buying your first house, ensuring you don’t compromise in the pursuit of saving money.

To discuss the true costs of buying your first home, and all other aspects, contact the leading estate agents across Essex and Hertfordshire, Geoffrey Matthew.

Contact Geoffrey Matthew for help in buying your first home in Essex or Hertfordshire

At Geoffrey Matthew, we know the challenges first-time buyers face in the property market, and we know what is happening in the Harlow and Stevenage home markets. For guidance that ensures you step on the property ladder, including arranging your first mortgage, call on expert estate agents in Essex and Hertfordshire.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment that sets you on the road to property ownership.

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