Step By Step Guide to Selling House

Best Guide to Selling House

Arrange A Valuation

When you decide to sell your home, your first task is to arrange a valuation on the property. This is a service we offer at Geoffrey Matthew, and we know the Harlow and Stevenage housing markets well. When it comes to a fair and dependable valuation, we are the estate agent you can trust.

Once your home has been valued, we will discuss the best way to sell your house. We aim to help you go to market with the best possible price, helping you connect with buyers to sell your house in the shortest possible time. We have a strong track record in property valuation across Essex and Hertfordshire.

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Sort out your Finances

Before you place your home on the market, you must ensure your finances are robust, and suitable to help you make your next move. It is helpful for you to discuss the matter with your lender or broker, ensuring there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when selling your home.

We know the challenges faced by homeowners when selling their home, including the financial tasks that must be completed. For tailored advice in the Essex and Herefordshire housing market, arrange an appointment with Geoffrey Matthew.

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Instruct a Solicitor

A crucial component of selling your home is having an experienced and skilled solicitor in place. We have developed strong working relationships with local solicitors across Harlow and Stevenage.

We tailor our solicitor recommendations to your needs, considering your budget, location, property type and much more. If you are looking for specialist help in finding the best professional for your need, call on Geoffrey Matthew.

Property Presentation

First impressions count for a lot when selling a house, and you want to make the best impression on buyers. Sometimes the sales process comes down to the tiniest of margins, and you need to present your property in the most effective matter.

Decluttering and cleaning your home is the ideal starting point of the sales process, and you should take care of the DIY jobs that you have left for later! Our team has helped many homeowners like you in Stevenage and Harlow, and we know what buyers are looking for.

We will ensure you present your home in the right way, boosting your chances of a successful sale.


Instruct a Energy Performance Certificate

There are legal requirements when selling a home, and you must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in place within seven days of marketing your property. If your home doesn’t currently have an EPC in place, we will take care of this for you.

We will instruct a local energy assessor on your behalf, at a cost of £130.00 (including VAT).  Your new EPC will include a 3-D floor plan of your home, and once the review has been completed, the certificate will be valid for ten years.

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Finding A Buyer

No matter how great your home is, if you can’t find and connect with a buyer, you won’t be able to sell your property. At Geoffrey Matthew, we have a brilliant track record in connecting buyers and vendors across Harlow and Stevenage, and we guarantee your home will receive considerable exposure across a range of media.

The comprehensive sales marketing package from Geoffrey Matthew includes:

  • Listing and promotion on our website
  • Inclusion in our email and SMS alerts, sent to interested buyers
  • Promotion on leading property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market

As a local agent with experience in the market, we know how and where to connect with buyers, and we’ll make sure the right buyers see your property.

Accompanied Viewings

Once you reach the viewing stage of the sales process, things get very serious. Buyers have a firm interest at this point, but they still want assurances that your property is ideal for them, their budget and their needs.

We believe accompanied viewings are essential. Our team are highly experienced in meeting buyers, and showing off homes. This is what we do for a living, and our track record in selling houses across Harlow and Stevenage indicates we know what we are doing.

You don’t have to be present during a viewing, which means you can focus on other tasks, or make some time for yourself. We also find viewers are more likely to offer honest feedback when the homeowner isn’t present, which can be useful in future viewings.

We are all busy nowadays.  Accompanied viewings mean we can use our expertise to help sell your property and save you waiting in for potential buyers.

Receive a Offer

When a buyer makes an offer on your home, we will get in touch to provide you with the full details. We will inform you about the buyers, and as to whether there are any conditions attached to the offer.

We are more than happy to discuss the offer, and if this is the best offer for your needs. We are always happy to provide guidance on whether you should accept the buyers offer or not. Not every offer is right for homeowners in Essex and Hertfordshire, but we’ll guide you to make the right decision when selling your house.

Accepting an Offer

If you have decided to accept an offer, we will do the following work:

  • Prepare a memorandum of sale
  • Confirm the agreed price with all parties
  • Ask you to confirm your solicitors

Your solicitor will prepare and submit a draft contract to the buyer’s legal representatives, who will commence their preliminary enquiries.

The buyer will then place their finances in order, and arrange for a survey to be carried out at your house. From there, dates will be agreed to exchange contracts, offering you a proposed completion date.

We are pleased to say we have an in-house sales progressor at Geoffrey Matthew, and we will give you all the support you need at this stage of the sales process.


Completion occurs when the residual monies (usually 90%) are transferred from the buyers’ solicitor to your solicitor’s account. Your solicitor will inform you when the money has cleared in your account, and this enables us to release the keys.

Congratulations, your property is now sold!

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