Leading the way in Virtual Tour technology

At Geoffrey Matthew we have recently taken valuing and selling your property to the next level. With the Giraffe 360 camera technology we are now above to present your property in such a way that potential buyers can virtually walk around your home from all angles. The sophisticated kit also allows us to build a floor plan that attaches to each room.

Never before has presenting a property to sell been more complex and professional.

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More about the Giraffe 360 camera.

Market leading virtual tours

Presenting properties in the highest quality is key to selling/letting property and securing new business. The Giraffe360 camera takes 270MP HDR virtual tours – the highest resolution virtual tours on the planet – you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re providing an exceptional service, delivering quality and ensuring you’re in the best position to boost instructions.

98%+ Floor plan accuracy

Ensuring floor plans are correct is critical to sellers, recent surveys have identified that properties are routinely mismeasured. Providing inaccurate floor plans can impact your clients significantly, for instance loft conversions being marketed as bedrooms, however the space is not big enough to be legally listed as a bedroom.

Mismeasured spaces can lead to buyers negotiating sellers down from the forecasted property price. Giraffe360’s technology protects your clients by delivering floor plans at 98%+ accuracy.

Professionally edited wide angle photography

Beautiful imagery is an essential tool in your property listing armoury and is paramount to letting and selling property. The Giraffe360 technology employs 96MP HDR photography to make your properties bounce off the page.

Quality photography can be the difference between potential prospects scrolling over your advertised properties and clicking. To ensure you’re maximising your chance, we provide you with a professional editing team to make your property pop off the page.

Sample Virtual Tour

Click below for a sample of a Virtual Tour using the Giraffe 360 camera

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