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Traditionally, the busiest time of year in the UK property market was spring and a lot of people still follow this schedule. This is why many people will question whether November is a good time to market your home. Anyone who needs persuading that November is a good time to market your home should consider the following reasons.

There is a year round demand for property these days

When you want to sell your home at a particular time of year, you need to ask yourself will there be buyers interested in your home. Traditionally the property market was busiest in spring and after the initial days of summer and autumn crossing over, interest would fall. In years gone by, you could see why many property owners would feel that there wasn’t enough demand to justify the inconvenience of trying to sell their home in November.

This is no longer the case. With demand far outstripping supply in the property market, there will always be people looking to buy a home. Add in the impact that online property portals have had on the market, making it easier for potential buyers to see homes and find out what is on offer, and you have a situation where you can sell a home at this time of year with a minimum of fuss and effort.

There will be fewer homes on the market

If you are questioning whether November is a good time to place your property on to the market, it is likely that other people will do the same. It is inevitable that some, perhaps even many or most, of these people will decide against placing their home on the market in November.

There are obvious reasons why you would decide against placing your property on the market in November. There are fewer daylight hours, the weather is likely to be poorer which means some potential visitors will decide against keeping an appointment and people may decide that a November sale or purchase doesn’t leave enough time to be settled over the festive period.

These are all factors people consider and some will decide that these are valid reasons to not place property onto the market. However, given that there is a year round demand for property, fewer properties for sale on the market means that the homes that are for sale have a greater opportunity to be seen by potential buyers.

Would you rather your home was competing against more rivals or fewer rivals? Virtually everyone would prefer to have less competition when it comes to selling a home and this is a very strong argument for placing your home on to the market in November.

Savvy buyers are keen to see a home in harsher weather conditions

If you believe that your home is in good condition and that buyers will appreciate what you have to offer, there is a strong argument for placing your property on to the market at this time of year. Most homes can look and feel attractive at the height of summer but in November, with less daylight, colder days and an increased chance of wind and rain, problems in the home are more easily highlighted.

People with poor quality homes may decide to try and sell their home in spring and summer as the obvious faults are less apparent but when it comes to late autumn and winter, these faults are laid bare. However, if your home is in excellent condition and capable of standing up to the very worst that Mother Nature throws at it, placing your home on to the market in November gives you a chance to showcase its reliable nature.

A savvy buyer wants to see a home dealing with the toughest conditions because if its stands up well in this situation, it is a home that can be trusted. So, if you believe your home is in excellent condition, showcase exactly why potential home buyers should have an interest in your property.

If you want to place your home on the market in November and you feel you need additional assistance, come and speak to Geoffrey Matthew. We are more than happy to provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve success in the property market this late in the year.


Why November Is A Good Time To Market Your Home


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