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Selling In Spring: UK Property Market’s Peak Period

The United Kingdom property market is a year-round market and there are two apparent reasons for this. The emergence of online property platforms has made it simpler for prospective buyers to search for homes, regardless of the weather. Even if it is raining, snowing or battering down a storm, prospective buyers can be sat at home or in work, looking for new properties. There is also the fact that the elevated level of demand for housing in the UK means that there is never a quiet period when it comes to buying and selling of property.

It would be fair to say that spring is still the traditional time for activity in the property market, and if you are looking to be involved, being present during spring makes sense. This time of year, remains the peak period for the UK property market and if you’re looking for guidance at this time of year, Geoffrey Matthew is here to help you.

Spring is busy for buyers and sellers

It is fair to say that spring is a busy time for buyers and sellers. Even though winter is rising in popularity for property deals, many people will sit out this time of year. This means that there are more buyers and more properties on the market in winter, and this means there is an elevated level of competition. Winter may be a time of year when some property owners can sell with ease but with s much at stake in spring, there is a need to work hard and earn what you get in the market.

More buyers are looking for homes

As stated, with more people looking to buy property in spring, you can see why homeowners are keen to place their property on to the market at this time. When there are willing buyers, it makes sense to have your property in front of them so if you can be ready for the spring market, do so.

The increase in buyers can lead to higher property prices

More buyers isn’t only of benefit with respect to reaching more prospective buyers, the heightened level of competition may increase the price that property owners receive for their home. This is a great incentive to sell property at a particular time of year, which further boosts interest for spring.

Better weather provides more chance for viewings

While online searches are important for prospective buyers, an actual viewing is still important. This is why the better weather associated with spring is important for selling property. The higher the volume of viewings, the more likely it is that you will sell your home, so take advantage of the benefit spring offers.

Better weather helps homeowners to ensure their home looks great

The outside of your home has an enormous impact on what prospective buyers think of your home. After all, the first impression a viewer has of your property is the outside and if the outside of your home is in poor condition, some buyers may be put off. If you are looking to make the best possible impression, and you should be, the better weather associated with spring is of benefit.

Many people want to be settled before summer

A good reason for making a move in spring is to be settled by summer. This means that many property owners and buyers will be keen to conclude deals at this time, and this could make it easier for a deal to be struck.

The beginning and start of a financial year may impact on some people

This may only be a small factor but for some people, the beginning or end of the financial year may impact on their property market movements. This means that there is another small factor to bear in mind as to why spring is a busy time of year.

If you are keen to make a move in spring, get in touch with Geoffrey Matthew and we will be happy to help. As local estate agents, we are always available, and we understand the local market, so when you want to make a move, rely on us.


Selling In Spring: UK Property Market’s Peak Period


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